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aking this ideology by heart, Tamanna F Rooz decided to shell out her own one-of-a-kind makeup Academy. For everyone who needs the confidence that make up gives them, TMA is a haven with some ecstatic makeup course lines.
Tamanna F Rooz is a well known make-up and hair expert today who followed her childhood dream and passion.

Experience gained over the years working in the advertisement industry, visual media and with MNC's. Tamanna when translated from Hindi means a wish, desire or craving. Taking this to heart, she made her calling in satiating the wishes, desires or craving of her ilk by becoming a make-up and hair expert.

Tamanna has accomplished her dream of being part of the fascinating world of art, beauty and fashion, via a medium closest to her heart – Makeup. Her passion for makeup translates into adeptness in the field; her skills are eclectic, yet equally echoing her need for perfection.


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Lots of love to you

Tamanna Di is truly a magician, she is a very dedicated MUA and has passion for what she does.

- Simran Kaur Jadeja

Love you! *hugs*

Sincerely thank you for the flawless and gorgeous make up 🙂 With all the viral fever I was a lost bride to-be.

- Haneen Altaf

Looking forward to running into each other again someday!

Tamanna is brilliant! So organized, disciplined and pays meticulous attention to the smallest details.

- Mashantha Viswanathan

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